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Pandemic-Friendly Back-to-School Tips

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Pandemic-Friendly Back-to-School Tips  

If you’re a mom or dad, you may have concerns around sending your kids back into the classroom when COVID-19 is still a threat. Courtesy of Photo Find MMC, read on for tips and resources to help you navigate this new parenting challenge. 

Safe BTS Shopping

If you don’t feel comfortable stepping into stores, you can still pick up everything your children need for back-to-school by shopping online. 

  • Some of the best places to shop for BTS supplies include major online retailers—and many offer free shipping. 
  • You may be able to find coupons to help you save even more on school supplies. 
  • Hand sanitizer is bound to be on your list, so check out top-rated brands
  • You can also make your own hand sanitizer on the cheap using basic ingredients. 

A Germ-Free Home 

Sending your kids to school with hand sanitizer can prevent germs from creeping into your home on those little hands, but you need additional steps to keep your home COVID-free. 

COVID Concerns & Rules 

Aside from cleaning your home and making sure your kids have hand sanitizer, there are a few other topics you need to discuss with your children to keep them safe at school. 

Extended Homeschooling

If the prospect of sending your kids back to school during an ongoing pandemic is terrifying, homeschooling may be your best bet until the crisis is over. 

  • Making this decision can be a complex and emotional process, but try to focus on facts and the precautions local schools are taking before you make a final choice. 
  • Aside from safety, homeschooling is packed with benefits like a consistent schedule and more time together. 
  • A regular schedule is one of the keys to success when teaching and working from home. 
  • If your child will spend a lot of time at home for school, consider upgrading your home security system to give you a little peace of mind.

Getting your kids ready to go back to school is always a bit stressful but this year is bound to be unlike before. Weigh your options carefully, and stay safe.

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